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Drink The Leafy Veggies


Regularly we hear people use the expressions juicing and smoothie conversely. The essential distinction is the point at which you consume your vegetables in a smoothie vs. juicing, you are keeping the exceptionally vital fiber that we have to keep our colons healthy.

Juicing can be extremely helpful while doing a juice quick for instance. Smoothies nonetheless, appear to be what your body appreciates more on a daily basis.

An easy vegetable smoothie recipe

Healthy Smoothie recipe beet, carrot, Cucumber, Spinach leaves, Tomato, Lemon juice BloggerOfHealth

In the event that one of your goals is to lose some weight, and you have been thinking weight loss smoothie recipe, we recommend trying this one. This healthy recipe can be immediately thrown together in your powerful blender in for all intents and purposes no time and have you out the door in the morning loaded with vitality.
On the off chance that you have too little time in the morning to make this recipe before leaving, make it up the prior night and after that it will be all prepared to go.

Keep in mind to use fresh and organic fixings to give you the most beneficial nutrition conceivable.

The measure of fluid included depends on your capable blender brand. Some just need a little measure of fluid while others might require more for your vegetable smoothie recipe. On the off chance that you lean toward your smoothie somewhat thicker, begin with less than the recommended amount and add more if necessary.


  • Liquid – Start with 1 glass of fluid (can be filtered water, kombucha, kefir water, freshly squeezed apple or your fluid of decision. Add more fluid if necessary to make your vegetable smoothie recipe simply the right consistency for you.
  • Beet – 1/2 inch cut or to taste
  • Carrot – 1 medium size
  • Cucumber – 1 medium size
  • Spinach leaves – 1 handful
  • Tomato – 1 medium size
  • Lemon juice from fresh large size

You will get addicted to this veggie recipe!