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Fast and Lasting Results for Beginner Fitness Girls


Entering the world of professional fitness girls may be daring and sometimes may even seem like an impossible mission, especially if you are among those girls who lead a more laid-back lifestyle.

As the frustration of getting the results, you are wishing for can be quite big especially in the beginning of your new life regimen, feeling the need of a fitness routine that will be high in intensity but will be quick-rewarding is something many girls long for.

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It seems like the ultimate hit when talking about fast and long-term results is the HIIT – High-Intensity Interval Training that can be done even by beginners and has totally rocked the training regimens lately.

Why is HIIT so popular in fitness?

The name of the workout says it all. This regimen contains high-intensity workouts that are done at certain intervals. The numerous benefits of HIIT make it an absolute trend – and once you start doing it it’s inevitable that you will feel the benefits from the mere start.

This type of training helps girls to build their endurance and prepares them for even more demanding exercises. Numerous researchers showed that up until now, there weren’t any similar type of exercise that can double the strength of any girl in only several weeks.

Another great advantage – the one that fitness girls cherish the most is the fast calorie burning that can be compared with long hours of brisk walking or a two-hour jogging session.

The metabolism boost during these workouts appears thanks to the oxygen consumption that is crucial for the body metabolic rate. This helps the body burn fat even after the workout session is done – while the muscles and their form strengthen and they don’t loosen up.

Choosing HIIT vs. other fitness routines

The advantage that many fitness pros consider as the biggest is that this type of workout doesn’t require any particular outfit, no equipment which is great for the budget and it can be done almost anywhere.

The only thing a girl needs to start this type of workout is a bit space and the motivation to get the body of a fitness model.

Although this type of training already gained lots of coaches and professional trainers – in reality, a printed-out resume of the exercises or a simple YouTube video guide can be as effective.

In general – each exercise is done for 30 seconds at most – after which the 30 seconds rest is a must. Some of the workout plans are only 8 minutes in length, and the timings grow as you reach a greater level of your endurance.

Many fitness professionals would suggest a warm up with a bit of stretching out and boosting up your heart rate in order to prevent injuries and other unwanted situations.

So, girls, what are you waiting for?
Dress up in whatever feels comfy for you, find some space in your own home or outside – if you prefer and start the high-intensity training today.
The results will make you happy faster than you have ever dreamed of.