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We Share our Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe


There are great deals of green healthy smoothie recipes out there, and they are all wonderful in their own particular way. However, this, particular green smoothie recipe is outright most loved on PiedFeed.

Enter this green smoothie.

The fixings are basic and moderate:

flaxseed almond milk peanut butter banana blended berries spinach smoothie BloggerOfHealth

  • almond milk
  • peanut butter
  • banana
  • blended berries
  • flax seed
  • spinach

What’s more, it actually takes 2 minutes to get ready. It sends you out the door with up to 3 full servings of fruits and vegetables in the mornings, leaving you less weight to devour two gigantic plates of mixed greens for lunch and supper to get your veggie number in.

In addition, we adore all the fiber it contains, how it has a salty-sweet adjust, and how it keeps you full until lunch. Truly, it does not get any better than having an enormous green smoothie for breakfast or a mid-evening snack.

Despite the fact that we have many different assortments of green healthy smoothie recipes on our site, this one is the most loved in light of the fact that you can stuff as much spinach in there without influencing the flavor one piece – which, for the record, poses a flavor like a smooth peanut butter banana shake.

Play around and make this smoothie your own:

  • Sub almond butter for peanut butter
  • Attempt coconut milk rather than almond
  • Whole blueberries rather than blended
  • Leafy green set up of spinach.

Be that as it may, do attempt the first one just once and check whether you do not experience loving feelings for it. We would be thrilled if this particular smoothie recipe turns into your top pick, as well.

Enjoy this and much more! Health is the most important.