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Ultimate solution for all those who can’t find a cycling partner


Many wanna-be bicycle riders, face one common problem that keeps them the away from exploring the world by bike. They cannot find someone to ride with.

Most of them don’t want to be alone as they cycle across cities, states, and countries… so finding a cycling buddy is an important part of making their bicycle riding dreams to come true.

cycling healthy life styleBut, this is not the only problem. Finding a cycling buddy can be a lot more complicated.

Even though you find it, you have to find someone who knows what bicycle touring is and someone you can get along with. Also, it should be a person that wants to go to the same places you want to go.

So what happens if after some time of searching you can’t find a cycling partner?

You will probably quit. Sadly, this is what a lot of people do because they are not prepared to ride alone and they never get to make their cycling routine a reality.

Fortunately, somebody who probably faced this problem many times taught a lot of fixing it, and came up with an ultimate solution.

cycling healthy life style

Now you can join VeloBuddy.com, which is a global platform that connects cyclists from all over the world, allowing them to find a cycling buddy, training tips, cycling routes and a lot more useful information regarding cycling.
Their aim is to create a global cycling community, a website for people looking for news, views and reviews on cycling while at the same time fixing the old problem with lack of “motivation”. Simply said, everything under one roof. Whether you are a recreational cyclist in need of some company, or a serious road-racing cyclist looking for someone to pace with, velobuddy.com offers you to find you the right partner for you.

The platform will be officially released on the 1st of June.

Meanwhile, stay informed about every update by joining VeloBuddy’s Facebook Group and follow their official Facebook Page.